Adventure Days


  • Available Monday only

    •  This is a new service we've added for the summer. We're so excited for it! Click here to see daily updates!

      • Dogs can be picked up or dropped off.

      • The price for this service is $65/day.

      • Ask us about our frequent hiker discount!

    • Your pup's adventure starts when we pick them up in the AM. From there we'll drive out to the trail head in the dog van, outfitted with crash safe crates! Once there we will hike 4 to 8 miles and soak up the beauty that Oregon offers us. We hike at the pace most comfortable for the group and take rest breaks as needed. You can expect photos throughout the day as long as we do not lose service! 

      • We always carry clean water and water bowls to ensure your dog has all the water they want. Muddy paws are wiped and coats are brushed out before your dog is brought home. We do offer a full bath as an additional option if you want them returned sparkling clean!

    • All dogs must be up to date on rabies and friendly towards humans and canines to be accepted for hikes. We strongly recomend they are on flea, tick, and heartworm prevention.

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