This program is designed to compliment our current day training program. This is an entirely mobile program being offered three days a week. Tuesday - Friday.  In this program your dogs can be dropped off at the facility at 7am or be prearranged for pick up from your home sometime in the morning. The dogs will then spend the day out and about until either being dropped off at your home or picked up at the facility at 6pm. 

While out and about your dogs will be kept safe and comfortable in our traffic safe car crates with climate controlling fans, water, and chew treats. When we arrive at our destinations your dogs will exit the van in pairs or groups to practice skills as well as be exercised. We will visit pet safe stores, parks, cafes, and hikes.

At our destinations all dogs will be kept on leashes or under strict eye sight and voice control only when they’ve earned this freedom. Safety is priority #1 for us.

Your pups will return tired and well-practiced for their next outing with you.

All pups will receive a complimentary wipe down and brush out before heading home and grooming can be arranged by request.

The cost for this service is $75/per day or $700 for a 10 pack. This service is limited to 5 dogs per day and is available on both sides of the river! Kay is located in Tigard and Adrianne is located in Milwaukie. If you have any questions about availability please contact us.