Once you sign up we’ll email you a syllabus and we’ll meet at our main training location unless otherwise specified! 


Walk with me:
This class is all about walking! We’ll do 6 weeks of loose leash, group walks - all the distractions that make a daily walk challenging. We’ll work on reading our dogs reactions and managing their impulses along the way. Our goal is a pleasing walk for both ends of the leash. This is a 1hr walk with 2 trainers spotting and problem solving. Weather and training permitting we’ll stop by a few cooling off beaches as well! 

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Perfect Partner:
This class is devoted to the perfect companion dog for any family. This class will be 6 weeks and the first two weeks will take place at Harmony Canine Training. We’ll work on some basic skills at the house such as: How to handle leash pulling, how to shape a properly door entry/exit, how to handle mild reactivity, and how to start a reliable mat stay. The next 4 classes will take place at various parks in the Milwaukie/Portland/Oregon City Area. We have a list of settings to perfectly proof our learned skills. We’ll work on building a reliable partner in every environment, everywhere from the home to walking in the park and even sitting outside at Starbucks. This class will be $185 and will be limited to 6 students with two trainers.


Puppy Class! 
This is a six week puppy class with sport and active dog foundations. Each week we'll go over basic manners, building a thinking dog, the best relationship possible, and confidence. 

Baby Steps

Baby Steps
This is our puppy foundations course. In this class your puppy will learn basic manners, gain confidence, and explore appropriate social skills. In this class you will learn what to look for in fear periods, how to help your puppy tolerate and learn to love grooming, and management skills to develop the best partnership possible with your pup.

Class size: 6
Trainer: Adrianne and Kay
Next Available: April 15, 2019 - 615p
Length: Six consecutive one hour group classes
Location: Harmony Canine Training

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Competition prep-work:
This semi-private class will involve BH / IPO obedience run throughs. I have selected several parks to meet at where we’ll pair up teams for trial experience, spotting, and coaching. This class requires basic exercises, we will tighten the screws and proof the details but this class is not appropriate for foundation learning. Contact us for an evaluation if you’re not sure!