BH / IPO1 prep class

BH / IPO1 prep class


Class size: 4
Next Availabday, August 23 - 630p (six weeks)
Location: Harmony Canine Training / Milwaukie area Park

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I'm super excited to introduce a new class. I have 3 spots available!

This class is still "in the making" and will be offered at $150 for 6 weeks or 30/ea week for drop ins.

Each week I'll announce 3 skills we're PROOFING. We'll do a run through with ea skill and then we'll WORK on these skills as time allows.

To keep some fun "ring nerves" to the proofing game I'll be adding a little competition aspect. The best at 2 out of 3 skills each night will head home with a prize!

Week 1:

-Pace Changes

--We’ll focus on the smoothness of the handler, the cues helping the dog, and the execution of the dogs pace changes without jumping up on the fast and without sitting on the slow.

-Front Position

--We’ll focus on proximity of the dog to the handler and straightness. This will include straight normal recalls as well as proofing fronts with angles and distractions – auditory and visual.

-Take proofing

--Can your dog “Take” on cue anything you give them?

Prize: Redbarn beef roll

Week 2:

-Figure 8s

-- How easily distracted is your dog by group members?

- Retrieve over the jump

-- What happens when there are distractions? What about a bad throw?

-Position changes

-- How clearly does your dog really understand those 3 little cues?

Prize: A soft toy!