Fair use tools - Management of dog behaviors


Fair use tools - Management of dog behaviors


This class is a small, specialty class for clients who’ve been requesting it. We’ll be discussing management methods and whole dog training programs.

Before we begin this class you’ll receive an email of recommended tools to bring to the class.

Week 1: Getting to know our tools. What is operant conditioning? What is reinforcement? When is correction fair? How do we use correction in a learnable way?
- Teaching the tools, showing our dogs they control their environment.
Week 2: Utilizing the tools for known skills
- Proofing behaviors in a known learning environment
Week 3: Generalizing the tool
-Branching out understanding of the tools in distracting environments
Week 4: Pack Walk introduction
Week 5: Pack Walk proofing and graduation

Where: Harmony Canine Facility
16660 SE Mcloughlin Blvd
When: August 1, Thursday, 730
Who (trainers): Michael, Kay, Adrianne

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