Relationship and Engagement Skill building - Online

Relationship and Engagement Skill building - Online


This will be an online format of one on one coaching. When you purchase this class you will receive the syllabus of the first week with each week after to follow by email. Each week you'll be given several assignments, each of which you'll video and submit for review and critique.

Each new week will start on Tuesday with your new lectures and assignments and submitted reviews will processed on Thursdays.

The class is set up as an 6 week format with a 12 week window for work review. There will be no limits placed on work submitted.

Questions and answers as well as demonstration videos will be included as needed!

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What is this class about?

  • Relationship and Engagement, to me, is the describing the connection between a handler and their dog, teamwork embodied.

The goals set forth here are to establish a foundation for:

o   A stronger relationship, built on trust

o   A clear communication system between the handler and dog

§  You are more than a treat dispenser to your canine partner!

o   A strong balance between drive and impulse control

o   As we know, too much impulse control is no fun for our working and sporting dogs, the product of this work often demonstrates itself as a dog lacking in power.

o   However, too much Drive and passion is often a stressful place to live. This generally demonstrates itself as a less clear head, with less thoughtful actions.

o   Neither of these extremes are beneficial in competitive dog sports, be greedy – seek the proper balance for your dog.

o   A strong desire to learn

o   I want an active participant in the learning process, I want a dog who is pushing me to work the puzzle.

o  A reliable partner!

o   I want a dog which is not afraid of making a mistake, we will make mistakes as handlers and they will make mistakes as dogs. Recovery from mistakes is a high priority for me.

o  A dog with body awareness and confidence

o   Working on the body is a fantastic way to help the mind, a physically strong dog is mentally more confident.


Week 1: Communication, Luring, Shaping
Week 2: Stress relieving behaviors, Context cues, Stress tolerance building blocks
Week 3: Heel foundations (#1), Drive building foundation (#1), Toy play foundation
Week 4: Body awareness, Drive building, Active participant learner - Body cues
Week 5: Leg Weaves, Wraps, Proofing Engagement
Week 6: Barking on cue (how, when, why), Back stepping (how, why), Mat work - Turning it "off" as well as "on"

This class is online only and will begin August 14, 2017