Companion Obedience

In this class we'll address how to help you live with your companion dog. Be it a sport dog first or a pet these are subjects we've found to be essential for living with any dog - particularly our high drive and high energy dogs.

We'll cover-
Marker system - How you communicate with your dog
Gear review - What leash and collar is right for your dog?
Whiplash turn - Does your dog know what to do when they hear their name?
Sit - Does your dog understand what this means?
Down - Can your dog hold a down?
Go to your mat - Teach your dog a spot to seek out and stay when you want some space. 
Loose leash walking - Definitely the most sought after behavior!
Hand Target - What is this and why is it important?
Chin rest - How can this help my day to day life?
Impulse control work - Does your dog have the clarity of mind to make the right choice even when excited?
Greeting a stranger - Can your dog greet a stranger calmly and respectfully?
Handling tolerance - Can you and your vet, groomer, pet sitter examine your dog safely? How about grooming? Nails?
Muzzle introduction - Why should my dog know how to safely accept a muzzle and how can I help them achieve this?
Recall - Coming when called every time.

This class will be in Portland, OR at Wet Dog Wellness' awesome indoor and matted facility.

Next available: June 11, Wetdog Wellness Center, 745

Perfect Partner
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Canine Good Citizen Class and Test

Check out the AKC website for more information on the CGC test!

May 12 - June 23 (no class May 26). Wetdog Wellness Center, 630pm


Canine Good Citizen Class & Test
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