Day Training


  • Available Tuesday - Friday

    • This is a very popular program we offer! Day training is our mobile training service. Click here to see daily updates!

      • Dogs can be dropped off between 7-9 am and picked up between 4-6pm.

      • The price for this service is $50/day or $60/day for pick up and drop off.
        - Second dogs in the same household may receive a discount of $45day.

      • Discount Packages available for regulars!

    • During their stay with us they'll get time in our training room before we visit parks and stores to exercise and work on their behaviors.

    • Your dog will learn better communication through a clear marker system, functional obedience through practice at parks and stores in the community, gain confidence and learn boundaries with other dogs and people, work on loose leash walking and best of all with plenty of practice they’ll learn a stellar recall allowing them free play.

      •  Because dogs benefit from structure and consistency we encourage each of our dogs to book at least two days a week.