Day Training

Available Monday - Friday

This is a very popular program we offer. With this program dogs are dropped off on your way to work at the facility between 7-9a. They will remain in our care until pick up between 4-6p.

As soon as the dogs are dropped off they will participate in a one-on-one training session. These sessions will generally cover basic obedience, such as sit, down, come when called, and leave it. After this session the dogs will each exercise, this exercise is customized per dog and can be anywhere from a treadmill work out to fetch or group play with multiple dogs. After this the dogs will go for long walks to practice leash manners or load up in the van and head to a park or a store to practice out and about skills one on one or as a group when their skills advance. After this outing the dogs will receive one more one-on-one session of training then practice mat stays or group play until pick up. The goal of this program is to send home not only a tired dog like many day care programs but also a dog who’s been eliminating bad habits while picking up new life skills and highlighting the fun of pet ownership.

The price for this service is $45/day

Your dog will learn better communication through a clear marker system, functional obedience through practice at parks and stores in the community, gain confidence and learn boundaries with other dogs and people, work on loose leash walking and best of all with plenty of practice they’ll learn a stellar recall allowing them free play.

 Because dogs benefit from structure and consistency we encourage each of our dogs to book at least two days a week.

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