Board and Train


  • Ever feel just overwhelmed? Let us help take the edge off! We offer training in our home.

  • Your dog will join our family for an extended stay and learn the ropes. This training is especially popular with busy families, let us train your dog for you.

  • We offer a balanced approach to training where we can cater easily.

  • Each stay includes a mid-stay private lesson, a post stay private lesson, and logs of what we did and what we recommend next.

    • What can you expect?

      • Mat

      • Recall

      • Go say Hi

      • Leave It

      • Loose Leash Walk

      • Door Manners

      • House breaking

      • Mouth Manners (what not to chew on)

      • Crate training

    • Looking for something special? A few of the specific plans we've worked on...

      • Foundation training for service work

      • Foundation training for sport dogs (Agility, IPO, French Ring, Competition Obedience)

      • Personal Protection dog

  • ·  This program offers a couple options.

    ·         By the week: This is a great option for a family vacation. Don’t send your dog to a kennel where they’ll backslide on their manners, send it to training camp where they’ll learn! This is 500 each week.

    ·         Training intensive: This program has offered our most successful long term results over the years. This is a 6 six program where the dog will live in our home and train with us daily. With this duration we can offer a reset on any bad habits or behavioral issues before reconditioning better choices for long term success. This program is 3200. This cost includes 4 private lessons: a mid stay private lesson, a go home private lesson, and two check up private lessons after your dogs stay to make sure our hard work sticks!

Going away for just a few days? A la carte boarding days are $75/day. This includes full time Day Training and an extra session before bedtime.

Just a few of our previous board and trains...


Foundation and behavioral rehab work


Companion Obedience foundations


Basic Obedience


Obedience proofing



Social Skills and off leash control


Behavioral rehab


The Yorkie twins

Specialty obedience

Tiny Brown

Foundations - Agility and service dog


Foundations - French Ring sport


Rikka and Trigg

Advanced obedience



Social skills and confidence