As active competitors and dog handlers we are constantly reminded of the importance of the human aspect of your team. We understand that no two lifestyles are alike and we're very happy to customize any training plan to help you reach your goals.


Adrianne Steimonts

Engagement building
Learning foundations
Team building

Adrianne has spent all of her life dedicated to dogs. For years she's explored every aspect of care and continues to love assisting owners in reaching their goals all the way from essential basic manners to behavioral work and competition sports such as agility and obedience. She believes the goal is always a happy dog and the proof is the success rate.

Adrianne is an open minded and patient trainer. She looks at each dog as an individual and excitedly addresses each challenge with optimism.

Denis Krigbaum

Helper / Bitework
Obedience Spotting

Denis works his day job as an elementary teacher and has been training competitively for many years. Having started in field labs and currently competing in IPO (schutzhund - German protection sport) Denis is well versed and invites every challenge. 

Denis is a certified USCA & DVG trial helper and a training helper for two local IPO clubs. His passions are protection sports and obedience.