Harmony Canine Workshops

Below you will find a list of all the workshops available through Harmony Canine! We offer a constantly changing variety of one and three day workshops to fit your needs and goals. Three week workshops will also include some subject specific homework. Right below you will find the online calendar where you can book and reserve your spot in one of these upcoming events. Just select the workshop you are wanting to join (make sure to select the correct date and 1 vs 3 week), then just follow the steps, fill out you/your dog's info, and you are all done!

One Day Workshops


Ring Gates, Check Ins, and Stays!


Come train and learn with trainers Adrianne & Kay!

The date for this workshop is August 5, 201

Starting at 6:15pm we'll be offering a ring gate and check in proofing session. Trials start at check in, if you've lost your dog there you're under water already. We'll have ring gates set up and clip boards in hand. We'll practice ring gate entrances and an exercise of your choice if your dog is excelling. We'll offer spotting and proofing.

Following this session at 7:15pm we'll be offering STAY proofing. Whatever your sport goal may be the stay is a big challenge, lets work on it.

Last, at 8:15pm, we'll be working on relationship and engagement. Does your dog trust you? Are they willing to try anything? Curious how you can help with these skills? We're offering a short "see what it's all about" session based on our Relationship and engagement classes coming to the area soon.

The cost of each session is $15 or all three sessions for $35.

Playing With Your Dog

Playing with your dog, are they having fun? Is this a team sport? How to play for both of you.  Tips and spotters to help grow and improve your interactive play with your dog.

Interested in learning more about, or getting a taste of, our Relationship and Engagement Class? Wanting to get some tips on exercises to work on while you are waiting for the next class to start? This will be a single night workshop focusing on playing with your dog, improving play styles, and having fun!

Upcoming Dates
Friday August 5th at 8:15pm at Pup-A-Razzi
Friday August 12th at 6:15pm at Pup-A-Razzi


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Muzzle Up!

From basic handling, to new dog introductions, vet visits, to potential injuries, and don't forget dogs who pick up (or eat) things they shouldn't. For these reasons, and more, every dog should learn to comfortably wear a muzzle. This workshop is for all levels of muzzle work from first introduction, to veterans of these tools!

Upcoming Dates
Friday August 12th at 7:30pm

Puppy Social Skills


Flawless Fronts

Photo By: Erin Slee at canis Mirabilis Photography

Photo By: Erin Slee at canis Mirabilis Photography

Environmental Exposure


Matwork: Go To Your Mat


Body Tolerance

Photo by: grace wang

Photo by: grace wang

Mock Trials


Three Day Workshops


Fronts and Holds

Tricks for Body Awareness


CGC and CGCA Practice Run Throughs and Spotting